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The Center for Engineering Logistics and Distribution (CELDi) is focused on applied research projects in engineering logistics and distribution for commercial, military and government applications. CELDi is a catalyst for increasing the number of students who decide to obtain advanced degrees in logistics and productivity related fields, and provides integrated solutions to solutions to real-world logistics problems through modeling, analysis and intelligent-systems technologies.
The member companies collaborate with research teams and benefit from shared research solutions. Ultimately, both students and companies benefit from CELDi. For students, CELDi provides stable funding source for research, exposes the academic community to the “real world”, establishes a meaningful industrially-relevant research focus, and provides support for research and students. Thanks to CELDi students have direct access to research initiatives at ASU and also have the opportunity to interact with students and researchers from other institutions, listen to visiting speakers, and become involved in a variety of projects directly sponsored by the center.
On the other hand, in-context projects provide a return on the company’s investment. CELDi provides an avenue to investigate a topic for which expertise does not exist, accomplishes research at a fraction of the cost, allows an industry to utilize the talents and resources of a university, is a vehicle for driving the university culture in a more multidisciplinary direction, and provides an excellent recruiting tool for building the future of the company.

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